Flight School

Kids are incredibly important to our church family! We strive to provide a fun and exciting

environment for our kids as we prepare them to be the people that God has called them to be! 

Our main kids program, Flight School, happens on Sunday evenings at the same time as our main worship service.

Flight School is a High Energy training that provides our kids a foundational knowledge of the Bible and of their faith that can launch

them on a lifelong walk with God—a journey that will change them and change the world around them.

  • B2s (Birth-2 years old)

    We believe that even our babies need to hear God's word. Our B2 children's workers take their fun job very seriously. As they are playing games with your children, you might hear them reciting scripture, singing Christian songs, or you may even hear them praying over your child as they change their diaper!

  • T-38s (3 and 4 year olds)

    Our toddlers are in training. During their flight school, they will make crafts, sing songs, play games, and hear a message from God's word that they can understand.

  • A-10 Hogs (Kindergarten-10 years old)

    It is important for our elementary aged kids to have a strong knowledge of God's word and their faith. It is important for them to understand what the Gospel is all about so that they can choose to live their life for God. In their Flight School they will play BIG GAMES, sing songs, and will be taught the Bible in a way that they can understand and relate to.